What The Heck I’m Doing Here

This is all a brand new adventure to me. Not gardening, but putting my writing out there for people to read. I have always written as a hobby. Usually, I would keep my stuff in a binder that no one could ever see.  Now I’m just putting everything out there to see what happens.

I am on a wild journey to become self-reliant. Because of this, I have spent a few years learning everything the hard way. I was taught some rudimentary skills when I was a child and now I’m expanding my knowledge and experience to try to be as independent as possible.

How It Began

About eight years ago, I started on this journey. I was working at a job that I LOVED. I was doing work that felt rewarding and was treated with respect and kindness by my peers. The problem was that this job did not make very much money. At all. In fact, it only made slightly more than minimum wage and our yearly raises were only around thirteen cents.

Because money was always an issue, I was stuck renting the cheapest homes that I could find. This was not ideal for obvious reasons. The price of rent had started to climb and I came to the realization that something HAD to be done about my finances. I could either start hustling and really focus on acquiring money or figure out how to not need it. 

I have never been very ambitious about generating income. That is not to say that I haven’t worked, I have always worked. But, it was just something I had to suffer through for 8-10 hours until I could get away and enjoy my real life. So, when I finally found a job that I didn’t have to drag myself kicking and screaming to, I knew it was a keeper. 


My husband and I used my income tax to buy 2 acres of land in the middle of nowhere and put one of those prefab shed buildings on it. We got a 3,000 gallon water tank, some solar panels, and built it into a mostly off-grid cabin. We did this by watching YouTube videos, getting advice from my maintenance friends, watching home improvement shows, and reading books and blogs. I did not have any building or maintenance experience or skills. My husband had some, but not much. 

 After two years, we paid off the loan on the building and the credit card debt we had gotten from purchasing building materials. We had successfully gotten out of the nightmare of renting. We no longer paid anything for housing but the taxes. Since this project was so successful, I started to take on hobbies that would help me be more self reliant. I was trying to learn how to navigate the world without spending all of my time chasing money by doing things that I do not enjoy. I started gardening, making bread, sewing, crocheting, ect…

But Then…

COVID hit. Everyone and everything descended into chaos. The stores didn’t have food. We all had to stay at home. For the whole world outside of my little bubble, it was turning into the purge. 

Inside the bubble, we were actually doing ok. Since we had so many building projects, we weren’t going out of our minds with boredom at home. Because I was building everything I could from as much salvage material as possible, we were used to not buying much from the store. 

My garden was really paying off then. A friend from work was a doomsday prepper from way back and he and I started bartering. I gave him bread, vegetables, and plants. He supplied me with fresh eggs, deer and chicken meat, and helped me with some of the electrical work on the cabin. 

Life is crazy, we have since sold the cabin and now live in a town far away. I no longer work at that job and my friend passed away soon after we moved. My husband and I still miss our friends and happy little bubble.

And Now…

I am still working on being as independent from “the system” as possible but now it is in a suburban environment. It is a whole new set of challenges and I am trying new things and learning through trial and error. My most recent project has been building a chicken tractor for the backyard chickens I decided to try out. It has been challenging, but I’m almost done with it. Hoping to put together a post for it soon. 

So that’s what got me here. I have learned a lot and hope to share a lot. I want this to be a place where I can show off my successes, laugh at my spectacular failures, and maybe help someone else who wants to try.

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