Daffodils Bring New Beginnings

Daffodils are my favorite flower. Let me tell you everything I know about them, including how to grow and care for them.

Since We’re All Stir-Crazy, Let’s Plan This Year’s Garden!

There are tons of logistics to work out before every spring. Garden maps, lists, schedules, and budgets wont make themselves. There’s no time for housework!

Lemon Balm To The Rescue!

It is winter. The world is in chaos. If you’re experiencing some seasonal depression and stomach problems, you are not alone. The weather is the only thing that has chilled out on my little suburban homestead. Luckily, I have some lemon balm to soothe me and get me through all of the crazy.

Confessions of The Giggling Garden Gnome

I have a confession to make. I have been a bad garden gnome. Things around here have been so stressful. Can you relate?  Everything is so damn expensive and everyone is so cranky and on edge. Just going to the grocery store is an…

6 Reasons Why I Became A Crazy Chicken Lady

I never thought I would raise backyard chickens. I hated them. Here are the 6 reasons I went from chicken hater to crazy chicken lady.

Decoding Gardening Jargon

Any activity has a language that is unique to that field. This is true whether it is gardening, crocheting, skydiving, or extreme couponing. It is easy to get overwhelmed at first when you feel like everyone is yammering at you in a foreign language….

Garden tools: What you need and what for

Garden tools make everything easier. Good garden tools make everything waaaaaaay easier.