Daffodils Bring New Beginnings

Daffodils are my favorite flower. Let me tell you everything I know about them, including how to grow and care for them.

My Rebellious and Short-Attention-Spanned Sourdough Making Process

Learning to make sourdough has been a really interesting adventure. I wanted to learn because I love bread and I don’t like to rely on stores. Plus, homemade bread is yummier. The biggest problem I encountered was how confusing, complicated, and math-heavy the process…

Since We’re All Stir-Crazy, Let’s Plan This Year’s Garden!

There are tons of logistics to work out before every spring. Garden maps, lists, schedules, and budgets wont make themselves. There’s no time for housework!

Lemon Balm To The Rescue!

It is winter. The world is in chaos. If you’re experiencing some seasonal depression and stomach problems, you are not alone. The weather is the only thing that has chilled out on my little suburban homestead. Luckily, I have some lemon balm to soothe me and get me through all of the crazy.

Confessions of The Giggling Garden Gnome

I have a confession to make. I have been a bad garden gnome. Things around here have been so stressful. Can you relate?  Everything is so damn expensive and everyone is so cranky and on edge. Just going to the grocery store is an…

Garlic, The Vegetable That Is More Than Just Vampire Repellant

We all know that garlic is to DIE for yummy goodness on bread and in butter, sauces, rubs, etc… forever. Because the list of culinary possibilities is endless. Most of us know that it is the food of choice when you want to make…

How I Made a Cat Tree For FREE

It has been crazy around here lately. I have been working my way through the backlog of projects I accumulated over the summer. It was way too hot to do anything outside and I do not have an air conditioned shop to work in….

My Eggcellent Adventure Raising Chickens

Hey guys! A few weeks ago, I posted about all of the reasons why I became a crazy chicken lady. I talked about how chickens help me in the garden as well as how cute and hilarious they are. Now I’m going to tell…

6 Reasons Why I Became A Crazy Chicken Lady

I never thought I would raise backyard chickens. I hated them. Here are the 6 reasons I went from chicken hater to crazy chicken lady.

Calendula, The Garden’s Weatherman

Calendula is a flower that has been used ornamentally, culinarily, and medicinally since ancient times. Now, it is important to note that I am talking about Calendula officinalis, not Tagetes, which is in the same plant family. Tagetes can be toxic, so make sure…