Since We’re All Stir-Crazy, Let’s Plan This Year’s Garden!

There are tons of logistics to work out before every spring. Garden maps, lists, schedules, and budgets wont make themselves. There’s no time for housework!

Fall Gardening For New Garden Gnomes

Was it too hot to work in the garden this summer? Are you sad to be past fresh veggie season? Do you need flowers in your life? No worries! Let this gnome tell you all about fall gardening.

Thank You Very Mulch! Everything You Need To Know About Mulching

Properly using a good mulch in your garden space can make it look better, improve the health of the plants, and stop you from spending all of your time weeding. What is the proper way to use it? What even IS a good mulch?…

How To Wet Your Plants

Irrigation is crucially important during the hot summer months. How you water your plants could make or break you during this difficult time. Is it too late to be thinking about this? Nah. We’ll get you sorted out. It’s hot y’all. I live in…

How To Start a Garden For Newbies

Creating a beautiful garden out of nothing is intimidating at first. It certainly was for me. I had read some books and all of the information was overwhelming. When you start researching, it is easy to panic. It seems like you need to know…

A Deep Dive Into Compost

Composting is embracing your place in the natural order by utilizing your waste to improve the soil and lower your impact on the environment. I know it sounds dramatic, but it is true. Simply, composting is when you take the organic materials that you…

Plant Support Structures (because we all need a little support)

Common gardening wisdom states clearly and emphatically that when putting together a garden, it is vital that you build or buy little supportive structures for your plants and place them around the garden. This is supposed to be one of the very first things…

Indoor Seed Starting (don’t worry, it’s easy)

If you are like me, every year you tell yourself that you will exercise control when the seed catalogs come out. THIS time you will not overspend on all the packets of seeds that you will likely not have room for. THIS year you…

Decoding Gardening Jargon

Any activity has a language that is unique to that field. This is true whether it is gardening, crocheting, skydiving, or extreme couponing. It is easy to get overwhelmed at first when you feel like everyone is yammering at you in a foreign language….

Garden tools: What you need and what for

Garden tools make everything easier. Good garden tools make everything waaaaaaay easier.