Confessions of The Giggling Garden Gnome

I have a confession to make. I have been a bad garden gnome. Things around here have been so stressful. Can you relate?  Everything is so damn expensive and everyone is so cranky and on edge. Just going to the grocery store is an…

6 Reasons Why I Became A Crazy Chicken Lady

I never thought I would raise backyard chickens. I hated them. Here are the 6 reasons I went from chicken hater to crazy chicken lady.

When Full Sun Doesn’t Mean MY Full Sun

I find myself feeling hopeful today. Nothing is really different. School is back in session, so the kids and I are still flailing around trying to get into some kind of rhythm that works. The house is still a mess, even though I have…

What The Heck I’m Doing Here

What has led me to start The Giggling Garden Gnome and why I think I have knowledge worth sharing with the world.