About The Giggling Garden Gnome

This gnome is obsessed with all things natural. Having been raised by gardeners and naturalists, I have always been inspired by nature. But, I have a confession to make. I am not a “professional” gardener. Far from it. All of my education on the subject has been the result of my own research and good ol’ trial and error.

I obsessively study plants, recipes, and gardening techniques on my own time. I have so many books and magazines that I had to devote an entire room in my house to my collection. Also, I have experimented with these things extensively. Every year, I torture my husband with some new project I read about. He’s been a pretty good sport. The point is, I am not formally educated. In any capacity.


I started taking gardening and homesteading seriously about eight years ago. We were living paycheck to paycheck at that time. The problem was that I had a job that I loved. I was happy and respected and I did not want to give up the sense of fulfillment I had for monetary gain. However, I am a mother and that means that it isn’t all about me.

So, I decided that the solution to the problem was simple. I was happy with my job, but I needed more money. I had kids at home that needed attention, so I couldn’t just take on a second job. Ergo, I needed to not need money. If I couldn’t make that happen by making more, I’d do it by needing less.

As a result, I have been finding ways to make things that we need instead of buying them ever since. I started incorporating more edible plants into my landscape and making sourdough. I taught myself how to use power tools and build things. The kids and I built a chicken tractor and started the backyard chicken setup. My husband and I built a cabin and a deck from scavenged materials.

After a while some of my work colleagues suggested that I should find a way to teach others how to do it. I have been told that I have some skill at writing and everything that happened after COVID convinced me that I might really have something of value to share with the world. So here I am.

In Short,

This is not a blog for someone looking for professional advice from an official botanist. This is a blog for someone who is interested in seeing the research and experiences of a crazed nature fanatic. My goal is to help people who want to get started but don’t know what to do. I want to share what I have learned and help others get closer to nature and create their own little happy places. And I want to have some laughs along the way. 

I invite you to join me on an adventure into the dirty, delicious, hilarious, and devastating hobby of gardening. It will take over your life and drive you to the right kind of insanity.