I Mustard-Mit, Mustard Is The Best

The intensity of the summer heat has really put a damper on my plans for the fall garden this year. Ordinarily, I have everything ready to go by now. All of the beds should be cleaned up, compost laid, and seeds should be in…

Fall Gardening For New Garden Gnomes

Was it too hot to work in the garden this summer? Are you sad to be past fresh veggie season? Do you need flowers in your life? No worries! Let this gnome tell you all about fall gardening.

What The Heck I’m Doing Here

What has led me to start The Giggling Garden Gnome and why I think I have knowledge worth sharing with the world.

Zinnias: The Flowers That Are Out Of This World

It is disrespectfully hot outside. So hot that I find it offensive. All of my plants are unhappy. Even the sunflowers are drooping under the sun’s oppressive glare. There is one plant that is cheerfully withstanding the assault, however. The zinnias. They are unphased….