Plant Support Structures (because we all need a little support)

Common gardening wisdom states clearly and emphatically that when putting together a garden, it is vital that you build or buy little supportive structures for your plants and place them around the garden. This is supposed to be one of the very first things…

Indoor Seed Starting (don’t worry, it’s easy)

If you are like me, every year you tell yourself that you will exercise control when the seed catalogs come out. THIS time you will not overspend on all the packets of seeds that you will likely not have room for. THIS year you…

Decoding Gardening Jargon

Any activity has a language that is unique to that field. This is true whether it is gardening, crocheting, skydiving, or extreme couponing. It is easy to get overwhelmed at first when you feel like everyone is yammering at you in a foreign language….

Garden tools: What you need and what for

Garden tools make everything easier. Good garden tools make everything waaaaaaay easier.